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Guille Scura

Front-end Developer

I like to overcome challenges, learn tremendously from them, write meticulously about them, and have fun in the process!

About me


I’m a web developer who focuses on the front-end. I enjoy building UIs, and after some experience experimenting with different technologies, I’ve found the web as my platform of choice.

I’m a Software Engineer at Stripe, where I'm part of the platform team that enables product teams to perform routing, data fetching, testing and add observability to their workflows.

The web can run on multiple devices and under a single codebase. You have competing engines and end-user browsers. Plus, it’s constantly evolving and has new features being added to it all the time. It never stops being an exciting area in which to be involved!


Me playing guitar

Although my guitar skills are lacking ;), I enjoy attempting to play it in a somewhat acceptable way. Besides that, I like to watch a good movie or some series on Netflix.

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My Bookmarks

Links from around the web that I find useful for work, or are interesting reads, or whatever else...

These are all for personal use, but I’m deciding to make them public because why not! They may be useful for someone else. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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You can send me an e-mail to guillescura[at] or follow me on Twitter at @voluntadpear

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